Fixed or Stationary Awnings

HOA Approval for an Awning

Do You Need HOA Approval for an Awning?

Awnings are functional and attractive additions to your home.  Whether adding fixed awnings above your windows to shade and cool your home or installing a retractable awning over your back deck to provide additional room for entertaining outdoors, you’re sure to get many benefits from your investment.  Today, many homes in developed neighborhoods are subject […]

Hire a Professional to Install an Awning

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install an Awning

Between watching hours of home renovation shows on television and the abundance of YouTube “how-to” videos available, it’s easy to feel you can accomplish any home repairs and installations on your own.  While there are many things you can do yourself with a little advice from the staff of your local home improvement store, installing […]

furniture over the winter

Storing Your Patio Furniture Over the Winter

It seems like yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July, yet now it’s hard to go to a restaurant that’s not serving pumpkin spice something for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  As much as we might want to deny it, fall is here, and winter isn’t far behind.  Now’s the time to prepare the backyard, patio, […]

new restaurant awning

Considering a New Restaurant Awning?

Your customers come to your restaurant for fantastic food and delicious dinners, but they become repeat diners from enjoying its ambiance.  One of the first things they will likely encounter is the awning on the exterior of your building.  Adding or replacing an awning on your restaurant’s facade is an investment with many benefits.  Of […]

Deck Needs Repairs

Do You Know if Your Deck Needs Repairs?

Having a beautiful outdoor living space where you can enjoy the warm summer evenings and brisk autumn mornings is a benefit many Southern Oregon homeowners enjoy.  About 75% of homes have a deck, and many of those are more than twenty years old.  The average lifespan of a deck is somewhere between ten and fifteen […]

bring back window awnings

It’s Time to Bring Back Window Awnings

Take a stroll through your favorite historic neighborhood, and you’ll likely find many homes and buildings built before the 1950s with door and window awnings. Initially, they were included in a home’s blueprint for a very practical purpose–to keep hot rays of sunshine from penetrating its windows.  If awnings provide such an essential benefit for […]

Tips for Container Gardening

Tips for Container Gardening

Whether you choose a retractable or fixed awning, having a covered deck or patio provides extra living space for you, your family, and your friends.  Of course, you’ll want to design your space with the right patio furniture for your needs, but then it’s time to consider creating the perfect ambiance for rest and relaxation.  […]

Exterior Appearance of Your Home

Changing the Exterior Appearance of Your Home

There’s no shortage of television shows and websites dedicated to changing the home interiors–either for look or functionality or both.  However, it’s worthwhile to take some time every few years and consider whether or not you’re still satisfied with the exterior appearance of your home.  Curb appeal might be important for selling a home, but […]

History of Awnings

A History of Awnings

While not every building may have an awning, awnings have become a very common feature of structures, not only for decoration but also for convenience. It’s not uncommon to find awnings on many buildings including storefronts and homes, but were they always used like this? Awnings have a very long history in regards to not […]


Benefits to a Retractable Awning During the Summer!

With summer coming in full swing, you may feel slightly stifled when it comes to what you can and cannot do in your residence, especially when it comes to your patio. In summer, your patio may be underutilized because of the heat, because you feel it’s just too hot out, but with the inclusion of […]