Tips for Container Gardening

Tips for Container Gardening

Whether you choose a retractable or fixed awning, having a covered deck or patio provides extra living space for you, your family, and your friends.  Of course, you’ll want to design your space with the right patio furniture for your needs, but then it’s time to consider creating the perfect ambiance for rest and relaxation.  […]

Exterior Appearance of Your Home

Changing the Exterior Appearance of Your Home

There’s no shortage of television shows and websites dedicated to changing the home interiors–either for look or functionality or both.  However, it’s worthwhile to take some time every few years and consider whether or not you’re still satisfied with the exterior appearance of your home.  Curb appeal might be important for selling a home, but […]

History of Awnings

A History of Awnings

While not every building may have an awning, awnings have become a very common feature of structures, not only for decoration but also for convenience. It’s not uncommon to find awnings on many buildings including storefronts and homes, but were they always used like this? Awnings have a very long history in regards to not […]


Benefits to a Retractable Awning During the Summer!

With summer coming in full swing, you may feel slightly stifled when it comes to what you can and cannot do in your residence, especially when it comes to your patio. In summer, your patio may be underutilized because of the heat, because you feel it’s just too hot out, but with the inclusion of […]

Zen space in your backyard

Tips for Creating a Zen Space in Your Backyard

Once they’ve created a weatherproof living area with either a fixed or retractable awning, many homeowners desire to furnish and decorate it to establish a comfortable environment for rest and relaxation.  While our team designs and installs the perfect awning for homeowners, we’ve also put together some of our favorite tips for creating a zen […]

Outdoor Seating Area

Tips For Designing the Perfect Outdoor Seating Area

Creating a relaxing and comfortable outdoor seating area is a great way to expand the living space of your home.  In Southern Oregon, we’re fortunate to have fabulous weather, with an average of 205 sunny days every year.  If you’re looking at your backyard and wondering where to start, our team has put together a […]

fixed awning

Could Your New Awning Be Eligible for a Façade Improvement Program?

Commercial awnings are not only functional; they provide aesthetic appeal, extend brand recognition, and maintain a historically accurate appearance for the structure.  By replacing or adding exterior awnings to doors and windows, you could help your building’s exterior look as it would have in its original days.  Many cities offer façade improvement programs to provide […]

Prescott 3

5 Places Where Awnings Will Improve Your Home

If you’re like many homeowners, you likely decided you were interested in an awning for your back deck or patio the last time you were stuck sitting in the hot sun trying to enjoy your outdoor dinner.  Or, perhaps you have gotten tired of wet and rainy conditions in April and May and would enjoy […]


Create an Outdoor Living Space with Retractable Solar Screens

Oregon is filled with many qualities outdoor enthusiasts enjoy–from temperate weather throughout much of the year to abundant wildlife and extraordinary mountainscape vistas.  Spending time with family and friends outdoors is a great way to enjoy all these wonders.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have an outdoor area with some of the protections […]


Are Commercial Awnings Worth the Investment?

The exterior of your business is the face your company presents to the world.  Potential consumers spend mere seconds examining the look and feel of a store, restaurant, or another establishment before deciding whether or not to make a commitment and advance through the doorway.  One of the easiest and most effective upgrades you can […]