Retractable Awning

increasing foot traffic

Increasing Foot Traffic with Commercial Awnings

Are you a business owner looking for effective strategies for increasing foot traffic and boosting your income during the summer months? Look no further than the installation of commercial awnings! These versatile and visually appealing structures offer numerous benefits that can significantly impact your business’s success. Commercial awnings can attract more customers, create comfortable outdoor […]

shopping for patio furniture

Smart Tips for Shopping for Patio Furniture Within Your Budget

As the warmer months approach, many homeowners look forward to spending more time outdoors, enjoying their patios and backyards. One of the key aspects of creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor space is selecting the right patio furniture. However, shopping for patio furniture can be overwhelming, especially when working within a budget. Here are some […]

Creative Awning Ideas

Creative Awning Ideas: Shade Your Way to an Updated Patio

Are you tired of having a boring and outdated patio that doesn’t quite meet your needs? Do you want to transform your outdoor space into a comfortable and stylish area where you can entertain guests, relax with a good book, or enjoy the beauty of nature? If so, then it’s time to consider adding an […]

Business's Curb Appeal

The Secret to Boosting Your Business’s Curb Appeal

As a business owner, you know that first impressions are everything. The appearance of your business from the outside can make or break a potential customer’s decision to step inside. That’s why investing in your business’s curb appeal is important; awning graphics can help you do just that. What is Curb Appeal, and Why is […]

Choosing the Best Awning Location

Choosing the Best Awning Location

A fixed or retractable awning will add living space to the outdoor areas of your home. This addition will enhance your family’s ability to enjoy the yard with more space for relaxation, food preparation, or other recreational activities. However, depending on how your home is oriented to the sun and other factors, there are advantages […]


How Awnings Protect Pets

Pets are an important part of many households, and pet owners want to provide the best possible care for their furry friends. One way to ensure that your pets are happy and healthy is by creating a safe and comfortable outdoor environment for them. Awnings can be a great addition to any pet owner’s home, […]

Differences Between a Canopy and an Awning

The Differences Between a Canopy and an Awning

Creating more outdoor living space is an economical way to add living space to your property. Whether you’re seeking to create shelter from the rain and snow or looking for a way to have more shade during sunny days, canopies and awnings are two great solutions. Both can be custom-designed to fit just about any […]

How to keep hornets away from your porch

How to Keep Hornets Away

Are you looking forward to warmer temperatures on the way and summer evenings on your back porch or deck? Relaxing in the beautiful Southern Oregon outdoors is a perfect way to decompress from the workday. However, you may not be looking forward to the abundance of wasps and hornets that may also enjoy your living […]

Installing Awnings on Historic

Installing Awnings on Historic Buildings

Owning a historic home or commercial business comes with responsibility. Historic properties connect to a community’s culture and are valued by many other people than just those who have a financial investment in it. Some structures have been given an official designation of “historic,” which comes with specific rules and limitations regarding property improvements and […]

Select a Retractable Awning

How to Select a Retractable Awning

Are you looking out your patio door and watching the rain fall on your deck? Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy your patio for more days of the year? A simple solution that many homeowners have already implemented is adding a retractable awning over their outdoor living space. Retractable awnings offer the best of both […]